IHC Hytop: your partner for hydraulic systems!



As your partner in motion compensation we are proud to present our new integrated heave compensator 4000. ...Read more...



IHC Hytop, part of IHC Merwede, is ISO 9001 certified, brand independent and specializes in complete hydraulic systems, hydraulic power units and  diesel power packs, winches and controls for all conceivable applications in the dredgingoffshore and heavy (lifting) industry. Our project organization with over 80 experienced professionals has the capacity to deliver complete, large scale installations, including electronic controls. The experience and know-how are available within our own organization to execute projects requiring basic & detailed engineering, planning, production, hydraulic piping and on-site commissioning activities. We are an EPCC subcontractor serving clients worldwide with 24/7 support by our VCA**/SCC** certified service team keeping our customers’ investments productive.  


IHC Hytop: your partner for hydraulic systems

Your partner in hydraulics!

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