“Good engineering practice is one of the basic keys to successful sales, production and service”.


An enthusiastic group of people is in charge of the engineering process for the winches. Young, skilled, innovative, senior, experienced — all these ingredients and more go into the mix to progress a good concept into a fully-elaborated final product. The group is made up of lead engineers, draughtsmen and design engineers. The department has grown substantially in the last few years.

Our engineering motto is “Innovate and Validate”, meaning that we are always looking for the best technical and financial solutions, namely the simplest, most efficient and most weight-saving. These solutions give rise to new concepts, which are ultimately sent on to our design engineers to be technically validated

Over the past five years, we have designed new level-winder concepts and free-falling gear concepts, and have extended our winch programme from dredging-related into offshore-related products.

For our design process, we make use of several tools. First of all, a 3D design programme, Solid Edge, is used to make a 3D winch model and from that in turn the production drawings. The model can easily be accommodated to fit into other 3D models of a complete ship, to make it easier to check the available connection and maintenance space and also easier to prefabricate interconnecting pipelines. For design calculations, we use calculation programmes which we have developed over the years, as well as well-known FEA programmes like Femap.

Standard and Custom made
We endeavour to maintain a good degree of standardization, relying where possible on proven concepts, such as bearing assemblies and encoder configurations, which are often used in our standard compact winch designs. Our compact winch design makes use of space-saving, built-in planetary gearboxes. Our offshore-related winches and reels, used in the oil and gas and deep sea industries, need to be flexible in their design, as their layout will be thoroughly adapted to customer needs and implemented in their integral system. This often calls for custom design.

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