• Research and development

Research and development

IHC Winches
As part of the technology innovator IHC Merwede, IHC Winches is continuously engaged in searching for new ideas and setting up new concepts to be applied in the dredging and offshore market. Its main goal is to provide solutions for complex operations in challenging new markets, at increasing water depths, and more.

At IHC Winches, specialists work every day on improving and expanding their product knowledge, and to incorporate this into our organization. At a systems level, engineers combine and integrate the systems wherever possible and relevant. This inspires them to build new and unique pieces of equipment. These activities are often conducted in close cooperation with customers and suppliers, generating benefits for all.

Today, as a company that strives to provide continuity to its customers through integrated long-term solutions, IHC Winches focuses on three domains:

  • Fiber rope technology
  • Centre of Competence Gear Technology
  • Linear winches

In these research projects, IHC Winches also works with the corporate knowledge institute MTI Holland, other knowledge institutes, Dutch and Flemish universities, parties from the maritime cluster in the Netherlands and with government institutions such as NL Agency.

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