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Heave compensation systems facilitate cranes, “Launch And Recovery Systems” (LARS) and other lifting equipment in operating in dynamic sea states. Operation on rough seas may result in the payload experiencing large oscillations, which can lead to instances of slack wire followed by large snap loads. By installing a heave compensator, the dynamic payload motions can be mitigated and snap loads eliminated. Furthermore, a heave compensator enables the operator to keep the payload almost motionless with regard to the seabed or a fixed platform.

The Integrated Heave Compensator unites a passive and active heave compensator in one system, combining the accuracy of an active system with the energy efficiency of a passive system. The passive part balances the pressure of the hydraulic oil and nitrogen gas with the force of the payload. The dynamic part controls the position of the cylinder depending on the motion of the crane or vessel. These motions are measured with an external Motion
Reference Unit.




The Integrated Heave Compensator control software is state of the art, specially designed for offshore lifting operations and supports several different operational modes, including position control, empty hook and constant tension. The control software can be adapted to meet the needs of the customer. The innovative design is the embodiment of a compact, containerised concept that can be easily integrated in existing lifting applications. It is an ideal solution for temporary or refurbished installations. Our knowledge, expertise and experience made it possible to develop a safe, efficient and cost-effective Integrated Heave Compensator − another innovative solution for the offshore lifting industry provided by IHC Motion Control. 


Technical specifications IHC 4000

The main parameters are determined by the required pulling force, the maximum vertical movement and the necessary maximum wire speed in active mode to compensate the vessel or crane movement.

Wire pulling force

400 tonnes

Wire diameter

118 mm

Max. wire stroke

9,000 mm

Compensated working stroke

8,000 mm

Max. wire speed active mode

180 m/min

Max. wire speed passive mode

200 m/min

Design pressure

320 bar

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