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Experience in designing and manufacturing winches have become one of our main specializations. Winches are available in standard and customized versions. The standard winches have a line pull of between 25 and 1,000 kN, the customized winches anything between 1 and 3,000 kN IHC Hytop can supply any winch you need!

  • Hydraulic or electric suction-pipe winches, with grooves for perfect spooling on one layer (fig.1).
  • Bow-coupling winches with low-noise variable displacement motor for switching between high speed (low torque) and high torque (low speed) (fig.2).
  • Anchor winches with handbrake, drumclutch and capstan head (fig.3).
  • Pontoon hauling winches, direct driven by high torque/radial piston motor with fail-safe caliper brakes, storage drum and PLC-controlled constant tension powering. The drum features the Lebus grooving (fig.4).
  • Installation winch with special spooling device for perfect spooling of the steel wire rope in multiple layers under extreme pulling forces (fig.5).
  • Linear winches, custom built hydraulic operated continuous and intermitting lineair winch systems. 

Spud hoisting Winch

customer Jan de Nul.
Newest self propelled cutter suction dredgers of Jan de Nul are provided with s
pud hoisting winches equipped with multiple fail safe hydraulic released disc brake’s for a controlled dynamic rewinding of the winch during the freefall. Here spuds speed and acceleration/deceleration are controlled optimizing the penetration of the spud.

In this short video, the free fall function is operated where at one point dynamic braking is engaged.


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