• Flushing units

Flushing Units

A reliable hydraulic system is clean.


Before commissioning a hydraulic system it should be flushed. Only then you can be sure the system contains no hazardous pollution. Without flushing there is a high risk of damaging your hydraulic system. This results in expensive delays and repairs.


IHC Hytop offers a broad range of flushing units. Our smallest unit delivers a flow of 300 l/min, our biggest unit delivers 1,200 l/min. For systems with large diameters we can couple up to three units to deliver a flow of 3,600 l/min. Really large diameters can be flushed with our Booster unit at 10,000 l/min. You can download information about all our units from this website.


We can take care of the entire process including engineering, work preparation  and documentation of cleanliness.


Clean your hydraulic system with our flushing systems

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