Flushing Unit Booster

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Flushing units are used to clean hydraulic systems.
By flushing a new hydraulic system before bringing it into
operation, expensive breakdowns are avoided. Our flushing
system creates a high flow combined with high pressure,
which in turn creates a turbulent flow in your hydraulic lines
that eliminates contamination.
Our Booster unit is designed to flush oversized pipes. It is
used in combination with our flushing unit 1200 and gives
short bursts with a flow up to 10,000 l/min.

Modes of use

  • The system is designed for flushing hydraulic systems.
    Generally, flushing speed should exceed 7 m/s.
    The unit is suitable for pipe diameters of up to 300 mm.
  • A booster unit needs to be operated with two or
    more flushing units in order to fill the booster unit and
    to generate a constant flow.


Technical specifications 

Flushing medium  

Mineral hydraulic oil


10,000 l/min. @ 45 bar (maximum)
200 bar (maximum pressure)
Fully adjustable


38S in pressure line
38S in return line


10 ft container


7,000 kg (excluding flushing media)


Available services

  • Filter supply
  • Connection materials
  • On-site service engineer
  • Flushing advice
  • Particle counter rental
  • Endoscope rental
  • Booster unit rental

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