• Rental Winches





Winches are used for a wide variation of applications. Different projects often require a different type and amount of winches. Renting a winch can also help you out when you need a temporarily solution during breakdowns or refurbishing of installed winches.


Modes of use

  • Barge mooring
  • Hoisting operations
  • Temporarily replacement during winch breakdown or overhaul


Technical Specification


Hydraulic rental winch 250



IHC Merwede

Constant Tensioning 


Hydraulically controlled

Line pull 1st layer        


250 kN maximum


125 kN nominal

Line pull 6th layer 


180 kN maximum


90 kN nominal

Line speed 1st layer  


15 m/min @ maximum pull


30 m/min @ nominal pull

Holding force  


375 kN max

Dstc / d 



Drum type    



Drum diameter PCD  


796 mm

Drum Width


1,100 mm

Wire capacity


500 m






2 stage planetary

Required pressure


300 bar

Required flow


300 l/min



4,500 kg excluding wire



34 mm


connection at non-driven side

fixation on drum by clamping blocks


Available services

  • Connection materials
  • Onsite service engineer


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